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Neural Foundry

Neural Foundry is thoroughly invested in embodying intelligence into practical, user-friendly hardware bringing intelligence to life

Everybody agrees that a robot can work in an assembly line, but there’s no widespread consensus on whether a robot can be intelligent. Neural Foundry stands up against this challenge as they aim to deliver intelligent robots that use adaptive Artificial Intelligence and thoughtfully designed hardware to cater to needs.

Neural Foundry

With the partnership with Cogniteam, Neural Foundry is keen to develop, analyze and deliver cloud-powered fleet management solutions with Nimbus for the family of robots built.

Neural Foundry thrives in the ingenious fields of Artificial Intelligence, especially, but not limited to Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Recurrent Learning paradigms. Embodying this intelligence into robotics expands their expertise in fully autonomous robotic software that sparks the natural infused attributes in a robot.

About Neural Foundry

AI & Robotics based start-up focused on developing products with tailor made algorithms and software.

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