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Standout software solutions for autonomous robots

We’ve been developing artificial intelligence for robots for over ten years. We’ve brought that expertise together to create Nimbus, a new Cloud-based solution that allows you to manage your autonomous robots more effectively.  

Exploring the power of Nimbus.

Nimbus is our new Cloud-based platform that allows you to manage your robot fleets remotely and in real-time.


Find everything in one place, and simply drag and drop what you need.  It’s a game-changer.

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Here to help you deliver your mission

We help customers, large and small, with mapping, navigation and autonomous decision-making for autonomous robots. You can access existing algorithms quickly and easily through the Nimbus library, or we can work with you on a project basis to resolve your more complex requirements.

Say hello to Nimbus.

Your new mission control. Ready to go. 

Tell us about your project.

Expert support for robotic applications and R&D.

Small. Smart. Always ready.

Meet Hamster V8, our indoor robot with Nimbus on board.

Robust. Ready for all terrain.

Meet Lynx, for all terrain action.


Our clients


Sector - Agriculture

Autonomous field solution for onions

We provided them a solution for transporting onions from selectors in the rows to a central picking location. The solution provided was composed of a mid-size AGV (autonomous ground vehicle) that maneuvered.

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