R&D Robots / Hamster

Hamster is small, smart, indoor robot that can help you achieve your R&D objectives easily and quickly.

Our Hamsters come with Nimbus already on board.

Use Nimbus to implement your code easily using a variety of pre-configured ROS algorithms, and then you’re ready to move forward with your R&D project using full Cloud connectivity. 


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Hamster V7 allows you to implement and run R&D for indoor robots with vision-based applications (deep neural network).

It includes the following main sensors:​

  • 2D (360 degree) Lidar

  • Depth camera (Intel's realsense D345i)

  • IMU (inside the depth camera)

Available in 2 options:

  • Hamster V7-I equipped with Up Squared quad core tom with Intel's Myrid X Movidius chip.

  • Hamster V7-N equipped with Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX

Hamster 7 features


90min of operation on a single charge. Replaceable Lithium-ion polymer-battery for non- stop operation. PDU. 5V regulated. 


Raspberry PI 3 Model B / UP board (Intel) with Linux and full ROS. Low Level Controller (LLC) Arduino Pro Mini


Motor Encoder with 360 LIDAR (1deg, 5Hz, 8m range). GPS and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).


ROS drivers Simulation (Gazebo) and an OCU for up to 10 robots. Software is fully open - source and customisable


AC Wifi with Ethernet connection between CPUs.


Handheld size. Perfect for research:

190mm(W), 240mm(L) 150mm (H)


HD Camera (1080p30, 720p60 and VGA90) / Intel Realsense


Mapping (SLAM), Localisation, Path Planning, Exploration, Waypoint Driving, Obstacle Avoidance, - all running on board the robot.

Hamster V6 allows you to implement and run R&D for indoor robots without vision based applications.

It includes the following main sensors:​

  • 2D (360 degree) Lidar

  • RGB camera

  • IMU 

Computational power:

Raspberry pi 3​

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Hamster case studies



Hamster is equipped with 2D lidar, IMU and odometry, enabling it to map and localize in unknown indoor areas



Fast localization runs on the Hamster.



Implementation of algorithms for autonomous cars.

Cloud connectivity with the Hamster.