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This wiki purpose is to give support for a wide range of products and help back the community in a range of development issues we encounter daily. Feel free to contribute and add relevant content, however note that 'this wiki is monitored'. Due to recent wiki attacks, content management is currently available only to logged users (sorry about that).


Making Qt work with OpenCv on Windows (MinGW)

HowTo compile Qt 4.7.0 with OpenCv 2.1 and MinGW on Win7, WinXP 64/32 bit

Compiling OpenCV 2.1 with MinGW gcc 4.x
Compiling Boost 1.46.1 with MinGW gcc 4.5.2
Compiling FreeImage 3.15.0 with MinGW gcc 4.5.2
Pre-compiled libraries


Encoding / Decoding from Javascript


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